Embroidery and screen printing services

Embroidery and screen printing services

Logos and motto's

There are various ways to put your logo or motto onto polo's, jackets, sweatshirts, caps and other garments, and the method you choose will mainly depend on your bugdet and how long you want the logo to last and look good.

The two main methods are screen printing and embroidery. Please note the minimum lead time from order and receipt of artwork to delivery is about 10 working days. See below for more information.


Embroidered items tend to last longer, look more expensive and provide full colour at no extra cost. Please note that we only accept orders for embroidery or screen printing for 50 items or more.

There are 2 parts to the charge for embroidery:

  • Embroidery setup (digitising), and
  • Embroidery per item

The emboidery setup charge covers the charge of having the design (logo / motto) digitised and a template (jacquard) created. This is a one off charge, and once done can be used for any number of orders in the future. The cost of this is around £50 + VAT for an average logo or motto.

The emboidery per item charge is a charge applied to each item that requires the logo or motto. The charge per item generally varies from around 1 to £5 + VAT for an average size logo or motto, depending upon the quantity required and the size of the logo.

Screen printing

Screen printing is great for printing large designs onto T-shirts and sweatshirts.

With screen printing a separate 'screen' is required for each colour, therefore the cost increases for each colour required. This is one of the reasons that screen printing is not so economical for mall quantities.

Unlike some of our competitors who use heat transfer printing, screen printing looks and washes better. Heat transfer printing tends to be used because it is cheaper to do.

Like embroidery, screen printing also has 2 parts to its cost:

  • Screen setup (per screen/colour), and
  • Per item per colour

One screen is required for each colour for each design, and this is about £25 + VAT per screen.

The per item charge varies depending upon the number of items required and the number of colours being printed. As an example for 50 items with 2 colours the charge will be about £1.70 + VAT per item, and for 1,000 items with 2 colours the charge would be around £0.40 + VAT per item.

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